Saturday, February 1, 2020

Photos by Marisa Zayas

I graduated from Missouri State University in May 2019. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Public Relations with a goal of pursuing event planning and/or digital marketing. I was super involved during my time as a student. I held exec positions in my sorority and on Panhellenic as well as in other organizations. I also did several internships before I graduated.

The transition out of college was not exactly an easy one. I moved back into my parents house and worked part time jobs. I got involved with my sorority’s local alumnae chapter and attended events. I interviewed for a job I thought would be perfect for me and decided it wasn’t the right fit.

When I was a student, my schedule was constantly packed with classes, meetings, working, sorority events, campus events, lunch dates, you name it. I wanted to do everything I possibly could. I did everything possible to stack my resume and still, not long after I graduated, I started to feel bored for the first time in four years. And that’s kind of where this blog comes in.

If there are any blog posts you want to see about college or graduation, let me know by leaving a comment on this post!


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