Small Business Holiday Gift Guide

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

etsy holiday gift guide
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This holiday season, if you are in a place to be purchasing gifts, try to shop from small businesses! 2020 has hit everyone hard but large corporations are doing just fine. Check out local stores or shop small online. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite online small businesses and gift ideas from Etsy. I generally love shopping from Etsy because there are so many different creators and you can find almost anything. Most of the gift ideas I collected are also customizable, to make them extra special!

Art Prints

I follow so many incredible artists on Instagram, it was hard to narrow down my favorites for this category! Find art inspired by your loved ones’ favorite music, the state they are from or have a custom print made from your favorite photo.

Personalized Jewelry

Add your own touch to one of these jewelry pieces and it will constantly remind the receiver of something special. I chose simple pieces that can be worn daily so you don’t have to worry about clashing with someone's personal style.

Thoughtful Candles

Candles can feel like a very simple and basic gift, but these themed options show that you put in extra thought. Choose a candle based on their favorite book, state or mood. Big stores carry all the obvious holiday scents but you’ll find many more interesting combinations from small businesses.

Ready-to-Ship Gift Boxes

Take some of the stress out of holiday shopping and send one of these gift boxes. They include handmade items, so the gift will still feel personal. You can also customize some elements of each gift box.

Christmas Decorations

Ornaments and other Christmas decorations make a great gift when there is some type of “first” Christmas. Whether you are celebrating a newlywed couple or a brand new baby, add the appropriate name to these items for a heartfelt gift.

Tell me your favorite small businesses in the comments below! 

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  1. We've all got to celebrate our small businesses! Thanks for sharing!

    Katie |

    1. Small businesses need us now more than ever! Glad you liked the post!

      Caiti | Champagne & Postcards