Hobbies to Start After College

Saturday, March 14, 2020

A friend recently asked me how I stay busy now that I’m out of college. Actually, her exact words were “What do you do for fun now?? Besides rock in your rocking chair because you’re so old.” I am only twenty two, but I definitely had several post-grad crises thinking I had peaked while I was a student. I always packed my schedule with sorority and campus events, Now, I struggle to fill my planner weekly. It can be refreshing to have days off and to not have to consistently run from one obligation to another. However, I didn’t want to spend twelve hours a day watching Netflix even if I didn’t have a job right away.

The first summer after college was easy. I worked at a summer camp with old and new friends. However, when August hit the majority of those pals went back to school (including my boyfriend) or off to other ventures. I had a group of friends in my city but we are all doing different things. Here’s some ways I started to fill my time:

1. Read more Books

I bought a half a dozen books at the beginning of 2020 in an effort to read more. Even though I’m finished with school, I don’t want to stop learning and using my brain.

2. Listen to Podcasts

There’s so many podcasts out there these days for different niches. Whether you are looking to learn about a new topic or just want entertainment, you’ll find something. I am a huge fan of true crime podcasts and one of my favorites is Wine and Crime.

3. Get a Pet

I am by no means telling anyone to get an animal they can’t take care of. Please don’t do that. I got a fish. I had betas in college but this time I did my research and bought a 5 gallon tank with a filter and heater instead of a bowl. I also added live plants and I really enjoy having the extra light and life in my room.

4. Buy some Plants

If you can’t commit to a live animal, but you want to add something to your space, definitely pick up a few plants. There’s plenty of resources online that will tell you what plants thrive where in your home and with how much or little sunlight.

5. Go to Happy Hours

Catch up with friends after the work day at local restaurants and bars. Almost everyone has happy hour deals during the week, so this can be an inexpensive way to grab a drink and a bite to eat.

6. Explore your City

I am pretty lucky to have a lot of free things to do in Saint Louis. Maybe you’ve just moved to a new city, or you are back in your hometown. Spend some time visiting attractions and finding new local restaurants and businesses.

7. Start a Blog/Social Media Account

I wanted to give myself an outlet to write and practice digital marketing skills for my future career. You could also create an instagram account dedicated to something specific to give yourself a creative outlet.

8. Take a Class

Just because you aren’t a student anymore, it doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. There are free online courses you can take through LinkedIn Learning to gain professional skills. You can also check out a local gym or community center.

9. Weekend Trips

Take advantage of whatever free time you do have and take a roadtrip to visit people or explore a new place. I’ve even been back to my college town a few times since graduation to see younger friends and those that stayed there for work or grad school.

10. Clean out your Closet

I’ve done this so many times since graduation. I realized that throughout college I had been holding on to clothing and other items I really don’t need anymore. Periodically, I take a pile of clothes to Plato’s Closet to sell and donate what I can’t.

11. Join a Gym

I tried to take advantage of the free recreation center at my school as much as possible and I definitely miss having that resource available. Joining a gym can help to add structure and routine to your daily life. You may even be able to take some fun classes.

12. Volunteer Locally

In college, I was super involved with my sorority’s philanthropy and it’s something I’ve missed in the past year. Volunteering can be a great time filler, especially if you haven’t quite stepped into your next job yet. Find a local cause that means a lot to you.

Drop a comment below and let me know your favorite hobbies. 


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    1. Glad you enjoyed these hobbies to start after college!