How to Stay Busy at Home

Saturday, April 4, 2020

If you're starting to feel a little stir crazy, you're not alone! I've been at home for over two weeks now and my county's stay at home order goes until at least April 23rd. I've collected a list of things I've been doing to keep myself busy while I'm at home.

Start a new DIY Project

I decided to paint a cooler for this summer while I’m stuck at home, knowing it was a time consuming project. Now is the time to start a DIY that you’ve always said you didn’t have time for. Check out Pinterest for inspiration or upcycle something you already have.

FaceTime a Friend

Quarantine doesn’t have to be lonely! Set aside time to talk, out loud, to friends that you miss. It can be a group chat or a quick catch up. Everyone is in the same boat so people are happy to have someone to talk to.

Clean out your Closet

I did this several times after graduating but there’s no better time than spring to sort through your clothing. You’ll probably find a sweater you didn’t wear all fall or winter. Make piles for trash, to donate and keep.

Try a New Recipe

While you’re avoiding restaurants and grocery stores, try something new with ingredients you already have. Everyone and their mother seems to be baking bread these days. Get creative and cook a themed meal or bake something yummy.

Go for a Walk

As long as you follow social distancing, you can leave your house to get some fresh air and exercise. I’ve been taking my dog for a walk somewhat regularly. Avoid parks and other places that are likely to be crowded. 

Take an Online Class

I signed up for Yale’s Psychology of Well Being and found out there are hundreds of free classes you can take online. LinkedIn even has online courses for different professions. 

Binge Watch a Series

Tiger King, anyone? Catch up on your favorite show or start a new one on your favorite streaming service. I've been watching Love Island and Grey's Anatomy.

Plan a Future Trip

My boyfriend and I started creating a list of things to do when we can go out publicly again. One of those things is to take a roadtrip. Do some research and choose a new city you want to visit. 

Support a Local Business

Delivery apps are offering tons of deals on local restaurants. You can also purchase a gift card from your favorite local business to spend later or shop online.

Take a Virtual Tour

Museums, zoos and other educational establishments are posting a ton of online resources. You can virtually explore plenty of museums on their websites - just search for your favorite or one you’ve always wanted to visit.

Create a new Spotify Playlist

I always aspire to curate the perfect playlist for all occasions. Go through your music library to clean out old favorites or make a few new playlists to listen to while you relax at home.

Play a nostalgic game

It seems like everyone is either playing The Sims or Animal Crossing right now. I find it so easy to spend hours playing The Sims without realizing and it’s a great time filler.

Do a Face Mask

Practice some self care while you’re at home. Your skin will thank you for the lack of makeup you’re wearing right now but you can always take a few minutes to do something extra. 

Paint your Nails

My sorority advisor told us in college that painting her nails was one of her favorite forms of self care because it stops you from doing anything for half an hour and I live by that. Paint your fingers and toes a fun color to brighten your day.

Make a Tik Tok

Jump on the trend and download the Tik Tok app. I’ve had it for a few months now and the algorithm customizes your feed so well once you start liking and following your favorites. If you’re feeling bold, learn and post a dance. I’ll stick to posting clips of my pets.

I’ll be updating this list periodically so feel free to drop an idea in the comments!

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