10 Things to Do in Amsterdam

Saturday, April 18, 2020

I visited Amsterdam in June 2019 for an incredibly brief, but packed, two days. I think we could have easily spent a week in the city, as there are plenty of things to do and see. This was the last city on our Europe trip and everyone was exhausted by the time we arrived so our itinerary was more laidback. Here’s a list of my favorite things we did and a couple that I wish we had time for.


1. Bloemenmarkt

Cost: Free to browse
The floating flower market is full of souvenirs and brightly colored florals (real and fake). I picked up a cute coffee mug and bought some rubber tulips as well. You’ll also find plenty of cheese and bulbs to plant but double check what you can bring home before you buy. The market actually dates back to 1862 and features plenty of iconic dutch goods, like wooden clogs and tulips.

2. Take an Evening Canal Cruise

Cost: €17 for an adult
A canal cruise is a great way to get a different perspective of the city and learn a lot of history. Our particular cruise offered headphones to plug in and learn about each monument in various languages. It was cool to leave as it was getting dark and see all the lights strung around canals. Many companies also offer day cruises departing from different spots around Amsterdam.

3. Eat fries from Burgerfabriek Express

Cost: €3 for a medium + €0.75 per sauce
The dutch love their fries, especially these fresh, thick-cut and crispy fries. I was a huge fan and they make a great on the go snack or meal. You can get a simple topping like mayo, cheese or ketchup or go for something more adventurous on the menu. I really liked the curry sauce! You’ll find Burgerfabriek Express in one of the main shopping areas of Amsterdam, just a few blocks from Primark (where I also spent some time and dollars).

4. Rent a Bike

Cost: Varies
In Amsterdam, the bicycles rule the road. It’s the most popular way to commute and you don’t want to get in the way of the bike lane. Experience the city like a local and rent a bike for a few hours. This is a quicker way to get around and see lots of different sights in a short period of time. After seeing the way everyone rides around the city, I was a little nervous to join the crowd but we avoided rush hour and were fine.

5. Visit the Anne Frank House

Cost: € 10,50 for an adult
The Anne Frank House is somewhere I would have visited if we had more time. We rode past on our bike ride but didn’t enter the museum. You can buy tickets online with a time slot. The website recommends designating about an hour to tour the museum, but you can take as much time as you want.

6. Pose at the I Amsterdam Sign

Cost: Free
The giant I Amsterdam sign was originally installed at the Rijksmuseum but was removed due to overcrowding. While I was in Amsterdam, we found the letters just across the water behind Central Station. There’s a free ferry to cross over and back. We made the trip during our bike ride. Permanent I Amsterdam signs can be found at Schiphol airport and at the Sloterpas lake, but other sets follow events and festivals.


7. Complete the Heineken Brewery Tour Experience

Cost: €18 per adult (when booked online)
This brewery tour was unlike any other I’ve been on. Heineken has truly turned their brewery into an interactive experience with games, photo ops and of course, beer. Each (adult) guest receives tokens for two free beers at the conclusion of your tour. My family also competed in a contest to pour the perfect beer in the taproom and got to drink our attempts. 

8. Stroll through Vondelpark

Cost: Free
Vondelpark is the oldest and largest park in Amsterdam. It’s conveniently located near several museums. There are plenty of places to walk around, picnic and just enjoy being outdoors. Vondelpark is also home to a couple statues and is full of water features.

9. Tour the Rijksmuseum

€19 per adult (when booked online)
We walked by the Rijksmuseum but, with more time, would have loved to visit inside. The museum is home to thousands of pieces of Dutch art and history. Some items date back to the 1100s. There are also some international collections and the Rijksmuseum Gardens.

10. Tour the Van Gogh Museum

€19 per adult (must be booked online)
The museum is home to the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh artwork. Highlights include famous paintings such as Sunflowers, The Bedroom and The Yellow House (The Street). I was able to see a Van Gogh exhibition in Chicago a few years ago but again, with more time, would have toured the entire Van Gogh Museum.

Amsterdam was such a fun city to visit and we definitely didn't spend enough time there. We arrived on a Tuesday afternoon and left the Thursday afternoon. During our full day, we got tickets for the Hop On-Hop Off bus and it was a pretty convenient deal. However, the city is pretty flat and walking is not a big deal if you aren't in a rush. I would love to go back to the Netherlands in the future to visit more museums and see tulips in bloom. 


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  1. So many good things to do in Amsterdam, and I missed the flower market so I'll have to do that if I go back!



    1. There's seriously so much to do! I want to visit again! x

      Caiti | https://champagneandpostcards.com